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Superintendent and

District Organizational Chart in PDF format

Dr. Robert J. Durón
Biographical Information

Antonio Juarez
Deputy Superintendent
Financial Services, Business Operations
and Food Services
Mary "Betty" Burks
Deputy Superintendent
Curriculum and Instruction and Special Campus Programs

Kamal ElHabr
Associate Superintendent
Facilities Services
and Construction

Toni Thompson
Associate Superintendent
Human Resources

Sylvia De La Peña
Area I Associate Superintendent

Cora Johns
Area II Associate Superintendent
Elizabeth Melson
Area III Associate Superintendent
Carol Berg Harle
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Priscilla Canales
Assistant Superintendent
Student Management Services
Marcos Zorola
Assistant Superintendent
Accountability, Technology and Management Information Systems
Executive Director

Faye Gonzalez
Executive Director
Board and
Superintendent's Services

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