Edusoft Report Builder Modules

New Edusoft Features

Select any of these videos to show you step-by-step instructions on generating reports.

Student Performance Report (Captivate Video)

CIC Report Builder Sample (Captivate Video)

Teacher Report Builder Sample (Captivate Video)

Expanded Usage Reports

Enhanced Report Builder Test Comparisons (up to 10 assessments on a single report)

Assessment Guides - updated
Managing Assessment Waves
Administrator’s Assessments Guide
Teacher’s Assessments Guide

Edusoft QuickGuides Assessment Resources
Data Director Training

Assessment Management
System Quick Reference Guide

Printing Answer Documents and Scanning Assessments Using Edusoft

Class List Reports

Item Analysis Reports

Item Response Reports

Performance Bands Reports

Scanning for Teachers- Preparing, Scanning and Uploading Answer Documents


Making Meaning of the Data PowerPoint

Excel 2003 Quick Reference Guide

Defininitions of Verbs in the Tested Student Expectations (New 2010 Science TEKS/SEs)

Training Agenda

If you want...(comparison document)

Training Module

PPT Guiding Questions

Optional Documents:


Data Boards - CHARTS
Data Boards - Miscellaneous Docs
Data Analysis Protocol



Item Analysis Table Templates:

Board Labels (Headers)


Data Analysis Protocol Part 1 (Generating Reports)

Data Analysis Protocol Parts 2-4 (Process)

Action Plan Template

Data Analysis Process using the Edusoft Item Response Report (Published 2009)

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