What is Formative Assessment?


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Formative assessment is an active and intentional learning process that partners the teacher and the students to continuously and systematically gather evidence of learning with the express goal of improving student achievement (Brookhart, 2006) In this area, we will explore the research behind formative assessment, its key components, and the differences between formative and summative assessments.


Dr. Hatti's Research

How Formative = Success

What is Formative Assessment?

What are the Differences Between Formative and Summative?

Being Formative Minded

How Does Formative Fit In With G.R.R.?


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What is the Instructional Model for San Antonio ISD?


Formative Assessment Process in S.A.I.S.D.

Questions that Guide the Formative Assessment Process

  • Where am I going?
  • Where am I now?
  • What strategy or strategies can help me get to where I need to go?



Teaching and Learning Process

FIT Teaching - Assess With A System • Teachers gather and use classroom data to guide their instructional decisions and provide students with descriptive and actionable feedback to support learning.

There are three different stages or levels of assessment:

Assessment FOR Learning (Formative) • Looking back • Preparing forward (Not Graded)

Assessment AS Learning (Formative) • Looking back • Preparing forward • Feeding Back • Feeding forward

Assessment OF Learning (Summative) • Feeding back • Providing a snapshot (Graded)

Through these processes, there are five essential elements:

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This Model was Defined and Developed by the Formative Assessment Task Force (2017)

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