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U.S. History 1607-1877 Links

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The Social Studies Department has gathered thousands of external links to enhance classroom curriculum! If a link no longer works, please let us know!

American Geography

New England Colonies

Middle Colonies

Southern Colonies

National Geographic - Salem Witch Hunt

Slave Culture

The Amistad

John Newton

Pre-Revolution: General Overview

Specific Events

First Continental Congress

The Declaration of Independence

People of the Revolution

American Revolution - General Information

People of the Revolution Battles of the Revolution

The New Republic

The Presidents of the United States Before Washington

The Constitutional Convention

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

Federalists vs Anti-Federalists

George Washington Information

Washington's Inauguration

The First Cabinet

Judiciary Act of 1789

Bank of the United States

Building the New Capital

The Whiskey Rebellion

Washington's Foreign Policy

Development of Political Parties

Washington's Farewell Address

Adam's Administration

John Adams Information

Election of 1796

Jefferson's Administration

Election of 1800

Marbury v. Madison

The Louisiana Purchase

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Zebulon Pike's Expedition

Barbary Wars

The Embargo Act

Hamilton vs. Burr

Madison's Administration



War of 1812

Monroe's Administration

Sectional Leaders

McCulloch v. Maryland

Gibbons v. Ogden

Adams-Onis Treaty

Monroe Doctrine

Missouri Compromise

J.Q. Adams' Administration

Jackson's Administration

Resettlement of Native Americans

Van Buren's Administration

Harrison's Administration

Concept of Manifest Destiny

Oregon Trail

Texas Annexation

Mexican War

Gadsden Purchase

Utah and the Mormon Trail


Industrial Revolution


Changes in Agriculture

Changes in Transportation

Robert Fulton


Changes in Communication



Frederick Douglass

William Lloyd Garrison

Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman

Levi Coffin

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Second Great Awakening

Dorthea Dix

Horace Mann

Women's Rights

Pre-Civil War


State's Rights/Politics


The Election of 1860

The Moral Issue:Slavery

John Brown and Harper's Ferry

The American Civil War

Civil War Culture

Women in the Civil War

Photography in the Civil War

The Soldiers, Their Weapons, and Their Letters

African-American Soldiers

Medicine in the Civil War

Civil War Maps

The People

The Battlefields

The Surrender

The Assassination of Lincoln

The Effects of the War



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