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Parent Connections for Social Studies - 5th Grade Semester 1: Think Like a Geographer

Meet Globey As She Explains What Thinking Like a Geographer Is All About in the 5th Grade!

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In the first unit, students learn more about the tools that geographers use to define the world around them.

Using their
mapping skills, our junior historians investigate how geographers divide up the United States into different regions.

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Every 5th Grade student should know the geographic regions of the United States including their locations and physical characteristics (desert, mountain, plains…) as well as the names of the 50 capitals of the states (outside link).

Every 5th Grade students should also have the skill to use geographic tools to draw conclusions. These tools include knowing the components of a map (
compass rose, legend, grid system, symbols, and scale) to answer geographic questions.

The Physical Regions of the United States
Hover over the pulsing circles to find out the names for each of the regions!

Take a Tour of The United States

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