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Parent Connections for Social Studies - 5th Grade Semester 1: Unrest and Rebellion

Meet Belle As She Explains What Caused the American Revolution and How We Got Our Independence!

Insert Movie - “Declaring and Winning Indpendence” as told by Belle (Liberty Bell)
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How does conflict lead to change? The causes and effects of the American Revolution are explored through the study of Unrest and Rebellion: Fighting for Independence. Students will discover the political, economic, and social issues leading up to the fight for independence and the American Revolution.

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Junior Historians are expected to be able to identify and analyze the causes and effects of events prior to and during the American Revolution, including the French and Indian War and the Boston Tea Party. Students should also have the ability to explain the origins of Independence Day!

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Fifth Graders should also be able to identify the Founding Fathers and Patriot heroes, including John Adams, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Nathan Hale, Thomas Jefferson, the Sons of Liberty, and George Washington, and their motivations and contributions during the revolutionary period.

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Students will also be able summarize the results of the American Revolution, including the establishment of the United States and the development of the U.S. military.

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Finally, students should be able to talk about the cultural influence of the American Revolution on society including being able to identify significant examples of art, music, and literature from various periods in U.S. history such as "Yankee Doodle," and "Paul Revere's Ride"

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