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Parent Connections for Social Studies - 5th Grade Semester 1: An American Identity

The American Bald Eagle explains how an American Identity was created.

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Discover the beginnings of a “National” identity and what it means to be an American through the study of An American Identity: Becoming the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Students will learn how the expansion of the country contributed to an identity that stretched beyond the original colonies. The acquisition of new territories, the War of 1812, and industrialization forged a cultural diversity throughout the nation.

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Students get to explore how the United States expanded during the Early Republic including the Louisiana Purchase. Students get an opportunity to discover the Louisiana Purchase along with Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea by following in their footsteps. Our Junior Historians must also understand the geography of the new territories and how the physical features of a place influences where people settled and created cities.

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All Fifth Graders get to explore the causes, events, and effects of the War of 1812, also known as the Second American Revolution. They also get to investigate the origins and influences of the national anthem of the United States, the Star Spangled Banner!

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Students act as investigators as they discover the beginnings of industrialization in the United States. Part of their investigation focuses on changes on how we farmed and how we made finished goods such as clothing. They also take a close look on how conflict begin to surface between industrial states and agricultural states.

All Fifth Graders get an opportunity to become economists as they examine how the Free Enterprise System developed within the United States and how supply and demand affected the factories and plantations.

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