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Parent Connections for Social Studies - 5th Grade Semester 1: Migration Westward

Listen as a pioneer from the 1800s talks about moving westward

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Why do people move? In Migration Westward: Expanding the United States, students will discover the concept of Manifest Destiny as it relates to the geographic, economic, political, and social issues associated with the westward expansion of the United States. During this unit of study, students will research migration patterns, geographic characteristics, and economic opportunities as contributing factors for expanding territorial holdings.

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Putting on their investigation hats, students will be able to identify reasons people moved west, or the pull factors. Students should also be able to identify significant events and concepts associated with U.S. territorial expansion including Manifest Destiny. Along with understanding Manifest Destiny, students will look at the famous painting American Progress and explain why the painting is so important.

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Students think once more as geographers and identify and describe the types of settlement and patterns of land use in the United States as well as explain the geographic factors that influence patterns of settlement and the distribution of population in the United States, past and present.

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Finally, all Fifth Graders will analyze the effects of immigration, migration, and limited resources on the economic development and growth of the United States as well as identify the challenges, opportunities, and contributions of American Indians as Americans moved westward.

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