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Parent Connections for Social Studies - Third Grade Semester 1 - Traveling About the Community

Belinda the Bus explains what it means to be part of the traditions of a location. She also explains why communities are different!

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Where am I, and how did I get here? In Traveling About the Community, students will uncover how where we live influences how we live. This unit of study allows students to Think Like a Geographer as they learn how to locate places on maps and globes such as the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi River, and Austin, Texas, using tools such as a grid system, symbol, and compass rose. Students will also create and interpret maps containing map elements including a title, legend, and scale.

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Students will be able to explain the significance of Cultural and Ethnic celebrations, customs and traditions will be developed as students compare these in the local community and other communities. The influence of various writers and artists such as Kadir Nelson, Phillis Wheatley, Carmen Lomas Garza, and Laura Ingalls Wilder will be explored through their stories, poems, statues, and paintings as examples of cultural heritage to various communities.

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