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Primarily Speaking

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Work With Primary Sources

Listed below you will find different online Primary Resources for your classroom use!


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Adams-Onis Treaty
Articles of Confederation
Austin - Brazoria Speech
Austin - Letter From Prison
Battle of Sabine Pass
Chief Joseph
Col. Delgado - Battle of San Jacinto
C.S.A. Constitution
CT-Colonial Charter
Coronado's Report
Declaration of Arms - 1775
Declaration of Independence
Emancipation Proclamation
English Bill of Rights
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
First Thanksgiving
Wilson's Fourteen Points
Gettysburg Address
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Goliad Massacre
Hammurabi's Code
Iroquois Confederation Constitution
Joint Resolution-The Annexation of Texas
LaSalle's Last Voyage
Law of April 6, 1830
Letter from Christopher Columbus
Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
Magna Carta
Martin Luther's 95 Thesis
Massanet's Letter
Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter
Mayflower Compact
Mexican Constitution of 1824
Monroe Doctrine
Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Proclamation of Neutrality - 1793
Qianlong's Letter to King George III
Reagan's Berlin Wall Speech
Resolution of the Stamp Act
Sam Houston - Report on San Jacinto
Sedition Act of 1798
Tecumseh's Letter to Gov. Harrison
Tennis Court Oath
Texas Declaration of Independence
Texas Ordinance of Secession 1861
Texas-New Mexico Boundary Act
Texas Re-admittance Act
The Concordat of Worms
The Declaration of the Rights of Man
Travis' Letter
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848
Treaty of Velasco 1836
Treaty of Annexation 1844
Treaty of Greenville 1795
Treaty of Versailles 1919
Treaty of Paris 1783
Turtle Bayou Resolutions
Pope Urban II Speech at Clermont
Virgina Declaration of Rights
War Declaration on Germany 1941
War Declaration on Japan 1941
Washington's Farewell Address
Washington's First Inaugural Address
Washington's Second Inaugural Address

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Parent's Corner See how you the parent can help our your child learn more about social studies at the global, national, state, and community levels. We have resources and information to help parents understand what your child is learning in social studies.

TechnologyYou will discover the latest strategies that incorporate useful technology integration within a social studies setting. These strategies have been written by technology integration specialists that have used these strategies successfully in the classroom.

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