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General Strategies:

The following documents contain different types of general strategies to help students understand the big ideas in Social Studies.

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Strategy Download Strategy Download
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Accordion Booklet Template & Instructions

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How To: Act It Out

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Alphabet Association Template & Instructions

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Big Ideas Diamonds Game




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Celebrate Freedom Week - The Big Book

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Cubing - Template & Instructions

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4-Sided Dice Template for Random Roller

Stacks Image 7970

6-Sided Dice for Act It Outs

Stacks Image 7934

6-Sided Dice Template for Random Roller

Stacks Image 7858

8-Sided Dice Template for Founding Ideals

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8-Sided Dice Template for Random Roller

Stacks Image 7950

10-Sided Dice Template for Random Roller

Stacks Image 7832

12-Sided Dice Template for Random Roller

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20-Sided Dice Template for Random Processing

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20-Sided Dice Template for Random Roller

Stacks Image 7942

Vocabulary Diamonds Template

Stacks Image 7878

Characteristics of Era Template

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Overview - How to Use Foldables®

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How To: Make Folder Games

Stacks Image 8797

How To: Create Infographics

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How To: Use the Jackdaw Strategy

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How To: Use the Living Art Strategy

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How To: Use the Magic Paper Strategy

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Map Skills Vocabulary Poster

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How To - Make Historical Movie Posters

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Odd Man Out: How To and Template

Stacks Image 9011

How To - Make the Vocabulary Pocket Activity

Stacks Image 9003

How To - Visual Quartering

Stacks Image 9077

Response Cards Template

Stacks Image 8805

How To - Do a Scavenger Hunt

Stacks Image 9085

How To - Slap and Clap

Stacks Image 9021

How To - Tell the Story (Using Visuals)

Stacks Image 9141

How To - Work With Primary Documents

Stacks Image 9093

Chronology - Film Strip Template

Stacks Image 9149

How To - Do OPTIC (Visual Analysis)

Stacks Image 9173

How To - Visual Discovery




Stacks Image 9157

How To - Time Capsule




Stacks Image 9215

How To - Retelling




Stacks Image 18062

How To - Collector Cards

General Strategies