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Geography and Culture Strategies: (6th Grade and World Geography)

The following documents contain different types of strategies to help students understand the concepts found in the study Physical and Human Geography.

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General Geography
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CUE P3 - The Branches of Geography

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The Fourteen Themes of Geography




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Five Themes of Geography - Shuffle

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My Five Themes of Geography Book

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Mental Mapping

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GLOBAL PC Investigators Book

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Map Skills Mix and Match Vocabulary

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Map Skills - Vocabulary Diamonds Game

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Global Dictionary Game




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Regions 101

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Vocabulary - Mix and Meet

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Maps 101

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Pass the Globe




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Where Am I? - Practicing Coordinates

Physical Geography
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Vegetation and Vegetation Zones




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It’s All About Weather (COWBELL)

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Geography of Africa - Vocabulary Pizza

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Examining the Aral Sea Lesson Plan

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The BLAH-O-Spheres Lesson

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Climate and Climographs

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My Climate and Vegetation Book (Template)

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Climate Zone Placards

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Extreme Weather

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African Wildlife - Intro to Fauna

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Physical Geography Vocabulary Diamonds

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Grids and Zones

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Landforms Vocabulary Diamonds

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My Geo-Dictionary Template

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Catastrophic Events (Extreme Weather)

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Physical Processes

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My Making Physical Features Booklet

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Weather - Graphic Novel Template




Human Geography
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Introduction to Economics - Vocabulary Diamonds

Stacks Image 13658

Forms of Government




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The Regions of the U.S. Investigation




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Three Faiths - Mix-n-Match




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4 Economic Activities

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5 Factors of Culture Wheel

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Catacombs of Paris Passage

Stacks Image 13716

Changing Borders




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Citizenship - Nationalism - Patriotism

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Comparing the “Big 3” Booklet

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Economic Systems - Mix and Match

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Culture - Vocabulary Diamonds

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Adapt vs. Modify QCE - (Dino-Sort-Us)

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Vocabulary Jigsaw Puzzle

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Global Faiths and Beliefs Booklet

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5 Factors of Culture - Mix and Match

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Genocide and Terrorism - Investigation (World Geo)

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Economic Indicators

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Economics 101

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Migration Station Game

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Limited vs Unlimited Governments Folder Game

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Modification vs. Adaptation QCE Lesson

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Population Investigator’s Book

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Shapes of Political Boundaries

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Population Pyramids 101

Stacks Image 13889

Push vs Pull Factors

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Stone Churches Readings

Stacks Image 13908

Southwest Asia Folder Game

Stacks Image 13916

What is Technology?

Stacks Image 13927

Texas Population

Stacks Image 13935

What is Government?

Stacks Image 13946

Urban Centers

Stacks Image 13954

Comparing Faiths - Graphic Organizers




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Climate and Clothing Lesson Plan

Stacks Image 13973

Historical Headgear Lesson Plan

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Being Historically Fashionable Lesson Plan