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SAISD Administrative Procedures established Response to Intervention (RtI) as the district's school-wide, three-tiered model for identifying and providing early intervention to all students falling behind their grade-level peers in reading, mathematics, and behavior. RtI is a legal requirement of NCLB and IDEIA 2004 promoting improved achievement by all students through stonger research based instructional practices and early intervention, thereby reducing over identification for special education.

RtI is the practice of 1) providing high-quality instruction and intervention matched to student need; 2) monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction and behavior management, and; 3) applying the childs' response data to important educational decisions. As a campus proactive, problem-solving process, RtI links professionals, parents, and support systems to work as partners to assist at-risk students and validate teaching effectiveness.

At the district level, the RtI process is coordinated by the Senior Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction. At the campus level, the process is coordinated by the Curriculum Instructional Coordinator (CIC) who acts as the RtI Coordinator.







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