Project 1: January 2007
Project 2: May 2007


Step 1: Complete a lesson plan template. Your lesson plan should be accomplanied by a Rubistar and the Target Checklist.doc
Step 2: Complete the LOTI Lesson Plan Evaluation Rubric for self-evaluation on the project.
Step 3: Burn your lesson plan, evaluation and presentation on a CD-ROM.
Step 4: Send the CD-ROM via PONY to Curt Zaumeyer at Curriculum Management Department #876. Please submit your projects with enough time to ensure that they are received by the due dates.
Lesson Plan Template Rubistar

LOTI Lesson Plan Evaluation Rubric

How to Submit Your Project
TARGET Checklist.doc    

Burn a CD - NERO (Ahead)

Burn a CD - ROXIO



NOTE: You may turn in your projects prior to the due dates. If you would like to have your project reviewed prior to submission, please contact Curt at or call at 354-4385.

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