Target Fair, May 5 2007
TARGET Fair 2007 was a big success, with students from all over the district sharing their Social Studies Technology Projects. Photo Gallery
Cotton Elementary
Starting Soon
Mrs. Duglby, Rogers MS
Curt with Ms. Wilson
Ms.Trevino, Briscoe ES
Ms. Mora, Smith ES
Ms Mora’s Visitors
Living History Students
Jeopardy Challenge
Smith Students
A Packed Audience
HS Student Comments
Ms. Abdul-Jami, Page
The Alamo, Page MS
Cotton Presents...
Students Get Ready
Ms. Hix, Maverick ES
Student Observations
Ms. Sisson,  Woodlawn
A Crowd Gathers
Ms. Gonzalez, Green
Ms. Oosterveen, Graebner
Graebner’s Display
Ms. Solano, Twain
Ms. Joaquin, Hillcrest
Hillcrest Students
Ms. Gonzalez, Hillcrest
Ms. Allen, Wheatley MS
Ms. Sisson, Woodlawn
Spindletop Presentation
Ms. Cantu, Franklin
Ms. Gonzalez,  Green ES
Ms. Hix, Maverick ES
Ms. Allen, Wheatley
Cotton Students Pose
Ms. Zertuche,  Pfeiffer
Woodlawn Students Pose
Ms. Zertuche & Parents
Ms.Wilson Tynan ES
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