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What things can I do before I call the Helpdesk

  1. Is the computer plugged and power switches on?
  2. Check for loose cables
  3. Make sure there are no disks in the diskette drive
  4. If not connecting to the network, check and see if users in your immediate area can connect
  5. If all else fails, shut down the system completely down and reset. Many times this will fix the problem.

Note: If you get a specific error message, write down the first few lines. This will help the Helpdesk determine the problem with your computer.

When you do call, please have the following information available:

  1. Tag Number
  2. Room Number
  3. Name of the User or caller
  4. Brand of Computer, for example Dell, Gateway, Apple
  5. Specific Problem

The Helpdesk can be reached by:

  1. Calling 244-2929
  2. Faxing 228-3198
  3. Emailing to


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