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Service and Support

SAISD requires demanding service standards for our computer vendors to ensure we get the most for our technology dollars. These standards include such features as a 4-year on-site warranty and a 48-hour fix-or-replace policy. Following are the standards, by section, tat our vendors agree to adhere to.

Service and Reliability Standards
Hardware Standards
Scheduling Standards
Delivery and Installation Standards
Data Migration Standards
Warranty Service Standards

Service and Reliability

  • The vendor must be local. To be considered "local" the vendor must have a facility located within Bexar County.
  • The vendor must have on staff full-time technicians; these technicians must be physically located in San Antonio on a full time basis.
  • Operating hours of the service center must be, at a minimum, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • The vendor must agree to provide upon SAISD's request, the latest year's audited annual report summarizing the financial strengths and longevity of the firm.
  • SAISD may request meetings with the vendor to discuss service performance.
  • All technicians must be employees of the vendor and certified to perform warranty work on the vendor's systems.
  • All of the vendor's technicians who will be sent to SAISD campuses must have passed a criminal background check.
  • If any of the vendor's technicians receives three (3) complaints from SAISD staff during any six (6) month period, the vendor must agree to remove the technician from any work involving SAISD at the request of SAISD.
  • Vendor must agree to provide an evaluation computer as requested by SAISD periodically. We anticipate requests will not exceed quarterly.

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  • All systems and components must be new, i.e., no previously used or refurbished parts are allowed.
  • All equipment delivered to SAISD must be certified as Year 2000 compliant.
  • All equipment delivered to SAISD must be listed on the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List.
  • All electrical components must be certified to comply with the limits of either Class B or Class C computing devices pursuant to part 15 of FCC rules.
  • All hardware components must be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed.
  • All workstations delivered to SAISD must meet the following industry system management standards: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Desktop Management Interface (DMI).
  • The CPU, keyboard and monitor for every computer must be permanently labeled with a unique serial number that may be assigned by the vendor if the manufacturer did not provide a serial number.
  • Before delivery, systems must be tested with at least a 24-hour burn-in test. Upon delivery the systems must be tested, and diagnostics run, on-site to ensure full functionality.

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  • Systems delivery must be guaranteed within 30 days after receipt of purchase order unless other terms are negotiated and agreed to by the vendor and the purchaser.
  • Vendor must coordinate with the campus for the appropriate times and dates for delivery and installation of systems purchased.
  • All installations will be performed during the day on school days. No installations will be done on holidays or weekends unless previously coordinated with the campus.
  • The vendor should only deliver the number of systems that they can setup that day. No storage area will be provided at the campuses unless previously arrangements were made.

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Delivery and Installation

  • No partial units will be accepted. Unit must contain the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU. They must be delivered as a unit and installed as a unit. Setup must be performed at the time of delivery. Shipments of partial or full orders or components of orders prior to the setup date are specifically not allowed.
  • The vendor must perform on-site configurations during the installation process in conjunction with SAISD guidelines.
  • Any of the vendor's employees who visit an SAISD location must wear an identification badge provided by the vendor indicating, as a minimum, the person's name and the company name. Employees must first report to the main office and sign the visitor's log when visiting the campus for any reason.
  • The vendor should be respectful of classes in session. The vendor must coordinate delivery with the campus so that the campus will be aware that the vendor will be on-site. The vendor may need to revisit rooms at a later time if a teacher asks that a class not be interrupted.
  • The vendor will connect all existing and/or new printers or other external peripherals that are at the location upon time of delivery. The campus will provide proper device drivers. This includes setting up print sharing to existing networked or workgroup shared printers and testing to ensure the new computer(s) print properly.
  • The vendor will assure connection to network and Internet where a functioning network drop and patch cable are available. As a minimum for testing connectivity, the vendor must start the Internet browser loaded on the workstation and browse through portions of the SAISD Intranet as well as to some Internet sites outside the SAISD site.
  • The vendor will remove all boxes and packing material from school grounds.

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Data Migration

  • The purchaser may request to have data migrated from their existing workstation to a new workstation purchased from the vendor. If this service is requested, SAISD personnel will create a "migrate" folder on existing systems. The vendor may charge for this service assuming this charge has been presented to and approved by the proper campus authority before the service is performed.
    • Machines to be migrated will be clearly marked by SAISD before the vendor begins the installation process.
    • The vendor must move the migration folder to the SAISD network or to an alternative storage media provided by the vendor before disconnecting the existing system.
    • The vendor will install new system and transfer the data folder back to the new desktop.
    • The vendor will not be responsible for any data lost during migration due to hardware failure of District equipment.

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Warranty Service

  • The vendor will provide a four (4) year on-site warranty, parts and labor. The cost of this warranty must be included in the purchase price of the computer.
  • Any parts used to provide warranty service must be new, i.e., no previously used or refurbished parts are allowed.
  • The warranty period for each workstation begins on the date of delivery.
  • The vendor will resolve service calls within forty-eight (48) clock hours, excluding weekends and holidays, from the time the service request was placed.
  • When repairing systems, the vendor must guarantee that all parts used are covered under the remainder of the warranty for that system.
  • Resolution is defined as repairing the unit to fully functional and, if removed from the campus, delivering it back and setting it up within 48 clock hours. Resolution is also defined as providing a replacement unit with the same functionality of the unit needing service if the repairs cannot be performed within 48 clock hours.
  • To prevent or minimize loss of data, every attempt must be made by the vendor to protect the hard drive of the existing system. The existing hard drive should remain with the owner of the workstation except in instances of catastrophic hard drive failure. If a replacement unit is provided and the hard drive in the failed unit is operational, the hard drive must be transferred to the new unit. The operating system must be updated to account for any new hardware drivers in the replacement unit and general operation of the unit must be tested.
  • Once a unit has been repaired or replaced, the vendor is responsible for setting up the replacement unit in accordance with all guidelines outlined in the Delivery and Installation section of this document.

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