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STAAR Supplemental Aids

Student Eligibility Criteria

A student may use this accommodation if he or she

  1. receives special education services,
  2. routinely, independently, and effectively uses this accommodation during classroom instruction and testing, and
  3. has a disability that affects memory retrieval, focus, or organization that is severe enough to prevent him or her from learning and retaining information as effectively as non-disabled peers despite multiple opportunities to learn, varied instructional strategies, and high-quality instruction.

Science STAAR Supplemental Aids

Blank Pyramid
Bohr Model
Closed Circuit
Closed Electric Circuit
Energy Transformation
Erosion Weathering
Food Chain
Food Chain 2
Food Web
Formula Triangle
Kingdom Mnemonic
Learned Behavior
Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle 2
Open Electric Circuit
Periodic Table of the Elements
Photosynthesis Leaf
Planets Mneumonic
Rock Cycle
Science Cycles
Sun Earth Moon System
T Chart
Tree of Some Evolutionary Relationships
Water Cycle
Wave Characteristics

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