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On May 26, 1994 Sgt. William Maldonado III was employed by the San Antonio Independent School District Police Department. He started his tour of duty at 2200 hours and was supervising the night patrol shift. At 2352 hours Sgt. Maldonado checked out with the dispatcher that he was assisting a motorist with a traffic accident on an elevated section of Interstate Highway 35. There was an off-duty San Antonio Police Officer assisting Sgt. Maldonado. Sgt. Maldonado was laying out flares to divert traffic away from the scene of the accident when a vehicle lost control and came toward him. Sgt. Maldonado ran toward the edge to escape the vehicle and he fell off the edge. The elevated portion of the expressway is 26 feet above the parking lot and street below. Sgt. Maldonado was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sgt. Maldonado was a 10-year member of the Department.

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