Written by Stephanie Soliz   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 14:15

Our Mission

The mission of Accountability, Research, Evaluation and Testing is Integrate survey research, program evaluation, data dissemination, and accountability-related services to help guide academic instruction, data management and administrative decision-making.

School Planning and Evaluation: Theresa Urrabazo, Executive Director

School Planning and Evaluation is committed to conducting in-depth formative and summative evaluation of District initiatives.  The objective is to build capacity for data-driven inquiry and reflection at administrative and campus levels by modeling the process. 

Accountability and Compliance: Liza Rosenthal, Coordinator

The mission of the Accountability and Compliance unit is to help campus and district staff work towards long-term accountability goals, guide instruction, inform administrative policies, and ensure the district meets formal reporting requirements.

Institutional & Community Based Research (ICBR): ReNee Ikebunor, Coordinator

The mission of ICBR is to use qualitative and quantitative research methodologies for gathering, analyzing and disseminating actionable, research-based information with the goal of understanding what the District needs to do to make SAISD the educational setting of choice.

Data Report Management: Stephanie Soliz, Data Analyst

The mission of the Data Report Management unit is to deliver informative, timely reports to campus and district staff in order to support decisions from day-to-day instruction to long-term planning.

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