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The Gifted and Talented Nomination Process consists of:  



Teacher observation of student behaviors, parent meeting regarding G/T characteristics prior to nomination, parent permission to test, assessments in Patterning, NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test for grades K-11), and the Stanford 9 (grades 3-11), and the Stanford 10 (grades 1 & 2) or Aprenda Spanish Achievement Test (grades 1-11). Finally, students are selected by a Gifted and Talented selection committee.    



The program: 



·        Ensures that educators meet the needs of high ability students in their area of strength and interest with a focus on mastery rather than minimal expectations.   




·        Provides an array of learning experiences which will assist students identified as gifted and talented in the development of the skills and knowledge required for success in the 21st Century.   




·        Provides opportunities for gifted and talented students to develop advanced-level products and performances.   




·        Creates a differentiated advanced academic area of study that begins at the elementary level and continues through the secondary level.  




·        Provides equitable gifted education to gifted limited English proficient students with a focus on mastery rather than minimum expectations.