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Teacher Resources


folder icon 16 Parent Meeting Resources
Enrich exp-Eng Elem
Enrich exp-Span Elem
Enrich exp-sec in Eng
Enrich exp- sec in span
GT Curriculum Eng
GT Resources
GT Resources Span
Guidelines for parents - elem
Guidelines for parent mts - socondary
How to help your gifted child- span
How to help your gifted child - eng
Parent booklet inside spanish
Parent booklet outside eng
Parent booklet inside eng.
Parent booklet outside span
Parent FAQ's
folder icon 11 Curriculum and Instructional Documents
Cluster Grouping
Curricular Techniques
Curriculum Differentiation
GT Comparison Behaviors
GT Classroom Observations
GT Instructional Framework
GT Quality Indicators
Implementing Themes
Resources Criteria
What should a GT classroom look like?
folder icon 5 Nature Needs
Gt Comparison Behavior
Learning Characteristics
Needs GT Students
Special Needs Liabilities
Tests to identify the gifted