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 The District Awards for Teacher Excellence (D.A.T.E.) Grant provides the School District with an excellent opportunity to award campus staff with monetary awards for positively improving student performance in Math and/or Science for the Academic Year of 2010 - 2011.  The District Plan targets the improvement of At Risk students in Math and Science.


In April 2008, the SAISD created a District-Level Planning Committee comprised of representatives from Human Resources, Curriculum & Instruction, Special Campus Programs, Finance, Technology, Accountability, Research & Evaluation, Professional Learning, Campus Operations, Federal Programs, select Principals and Teachers, and San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel.  After meeting weekly from April through June 2008, the Planning Committee collectively established a District Award Plan motivated by the District Strategic Plan.  Before finalizing the established goals, members of the Planning Committee solicited input from the District Leadership Team, teachers and principals.


The Planning Committee established performance measures for the areas of greatest need identified as:

 At Risk Students


 Math and Science Subjects

To be eligible for an award, a campus must meet the following:


Part I – Show the greatest amount of improvement in Math or Science TAKS for At Risk students

Part II – Non TAKS teaching staff, must meet or exceed goals stated in their campus improvement plan that focus on At Risk student improvement in Math and/or Science.


Good luck to all campuses!


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