Helpful Phone Numbers
San Antonio Independent School District: Dyslexia Coordinator (210) 554-2570
Region XX: Dyslexia Specialist (210) 370-5200
State Dyslexia Consultant 1-800-232-3030

Dyslexia Simulations: Dyslexia Simulation Facilitator Packet
A Special Pre-Primer Non-Dominant Hand
Lines with Bumps Mirror Activity

Dyslexia Brochure Dyslexia Student Brochure
Dyslexia Brochure in Spanish

Powerpoint Presentations-Parent
ABC's of Dyslexia and Related Disorders - Parent Awareness
ABC's of Dyslexia and Related Disorders - Parent Awareness (Spanish)

Powerpoint Presentations-Teacher
ABC's of Dyslexia and Related Disorders - Teacher Awareness
A Breakdown of the Dyslexia Report
Help! My Dyslexia Students Can't Spell
How Do I Know If It's Dyslexia?
The 504 Services Plan
What is Dysgraphia?

Web Resources

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International Dyslexia Association


Learning Ally

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Texas Education Agency
The Flordia Center for Reading Research


Texas College and Career Readiness Support Center