RtI is a school wide, three tiered model of instructional intervention and support to ensure that student's learning needs are addressed in a focused manner. Tier I refers to school-wide intervention through core instruction. Tier II refers to targeted group intervention. Tier III refers to intensive intervention. In the SAISD, the tiers are represented by a pyramid addressing reading, mathematics, and behavior systems.


RtI is...

RtI Is…

  • A team of school based educators and professionals,
  • A pro-active problem-solving process,
  • A process targeted to assist at-risk students,
  • A collaborative team which includes the parent, and
  • A team sharing responsibility for the student.

 RtI is not...

RtI Is Not...

  • A one person committee
  • An automatic referral to special education
  • A collection of signatures to complete referral paperwork
  • A process that excludes parents

 RtI Should...

RtI Should…

  • Meet on a regularly scheduled basis,
  • Provide support to teachers who request assistance,
  • Clarify/define and prioritize the issues or concerns,
  • Provide strategies or interventions for both academic and behavioral issues,
  • Evaluate progress,
  • Make decisions and recommendations based on data,
  • Include the parent in the process.

 RtI Should Not...

RtI Should Not...

  • Make decisions without documentation
  • Do a cursory review of data
  • Exclude parents from the process

The RtI standing team is comprised of the RtI Coordinator, an administrator, referring/general education teacher, the student's parent/legal guardian, student as appropriate, and other professionals whose expertise/knowledge will contribute to the problem-solving process.