Facilities Services Division

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San Antonio, Texas 78215-1213

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Toxic or Not - Toxicology for the Workplace Toxic or Not - Toxicology for the Workplace

Downloads: 295

Toxicology training for Facilities Services personnel. Nov 2009

Respirator Training 2013 Respirator Training 2013

Downloads: 482

Facilities Services respiratory protection training for asbestos workers and mill shop personnel; October 2013

Lead Based Paint Training Lead Based Paint Training

Downloads: 274

Facilities Services training based upon the EPAs Lead Safety for Repair, Renovation and Painting and information from the City of San Antonio LeadSafe program. Dated 2010

Indoor Air and Mold Training Indoor Air and Mold Training

Downloads: 249

Indoor Air / Mold Training for Facilities Service personnel.  Nov 2011

Head Custodian Training Handout Head Custodian Training Handout

Downloads: 372

Head Custodian guide with key points for asbestos (6 month surveillance), IAQ and hazard communication. Mar 2013

Hazard Communication Training 2014 Hazard Communication Training 2014

Downloads: 581

Initial "Hazard Communcation Training" / New Employee Training for Facilities Services personnel.  Mar 2014

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Downloads: 431

Bloodborne Pathogen training.  Oct / Nov 2012

Asbestos Awareness Training Asbestos Awareness Training

Downloads: 837

Initial two hour asbestos awareness training given to new custodial and maintenance workers who work around ACM.  Mar 2014