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Name:Sam Houston High School

Boundary Written Description 

Sam Houston High School Boundary Written Description (Effective 2014-15)
Begins at the intersection of N New Braunfels and E Carson., start heading east on E Carson to Frank, north to Hood St., east and extend along the  Fort Sam Houston property line, east and northeast along the property line to an imaginary line (reference BCAD parcels and SAISD boundary), following the imaginary line to northwest corner of the property at 2301 Ackerman, south to the north property line of BCAD Property ID 1146398, east along the property and continue along aligning property lines and extend to Foster Rd, south to the northeast corner of the property at 6445 Rigsby, west along aligning property lines to the northwest corner of the property at 5981 Rigsby, extend a line to the southwest corner to the property at 5765 Rigsby, following along the south end aligning property line to Rosillo Creek, south along the property line and run parallel to Rosillo Creek to northeast corner of the property at 5240 Sinclair, south along the east property line southeast corner of the BCAD property ID 1062557, west along south property line and continue west on Sinclair to west to S WW White, north to the continuation of Sinclair, west to Roland, northwest along Roland to Interstate 10 E, west to and imaginary extension of Clark Ave., north to Martin Luther King Dr., east to S Grimes St., north to E Commerce St., west to N New Braunfles Ave., and north to end back at E Carson.

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