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Name:Lanier High School

Boundary Written Description 

Lanier High School Boundary Written Description (Effective 2014-15)
Begins at the intersection of NW 26th St. and W Poplar St., start heading east on W Poplar St. to NW 24th St., north to Menchaca St., east to NW 23rd St., north to Menchaca St., east to NW 19th St., north to Lombrano St., east to N Hamilton Ave., south to Menchaca St., east to N Zarzamora St., north to W Laurel St., east to N Comal St., south to Interstate 10 W, south to Interstate 35 S, continue south to Pendleton, west to S Brazos St., north to the Union Pacific Railroad, southwest to Ceralvo St., west to S Zarzamora St., south to US Highway 90, west to Barclay St., north on an imaginary line connecting with NW 25th St. and W Commerce, north along an imaginary line (reference BCAD and SAISD boundary) that splits several properties to end back at the intersection of NW 26th St., and W Poplar St.

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