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Name:Davis Middle School

Boundary Written Description 

Beginning at the intersection of the Salado Creek and an imaginary extension of Milling, Corner Parkway, and Snell Dr., start east along this imaginary line to Ackerman Rd., south to Bicentennial Dr., east and extend to Foster, south and extend to Rigsby, west to Rosillo Creek, south following Rosillo Creek to Sinclair, west to W.W. White, north to Leonides, west to Stolnet, north to continuation of Leonides, west and extend to the Salado Creek, northwest along the creek to E Commerce, east to E Houston, east to US 90, east to Green Valley, north to a point between King Krest and Redstone, extend a line west to the alley between Longleaf and Yellow Wood, north along the alley to Gambler, west to Salado Creek, and north to end back at the imaginary extension of Milling, Corner Parkway, and Snell Dr.

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