Details for 2010-2011 Attendance Boundaries with Population Density Mini Maps

Name:2010-2011 Attendance Boundaries with Population Density Mini Maps

San Antonio ISD District Zone and Attendance Boundaries with Density Mini Maps 36x36 Color Wallmap Revised March 2010

Provided by Facilities Services: Facilities Planning Construction

Designed by: Marcos I. Castillo


General District Boundary Meets and Bounds: 

Beginning at the intersection of Callaghan Rd. and Fredericksburg Rd, southeast on Fredericksburg to Siesta Ln, extend an horizontal line east to Balcones Rd. N, north on Balcones Rd. N. / Dewhurst to Beryl, east to Vance Jackson, south to Eland, east and extend along Eland to West Avenue, south to Basse, east along Basse to McCullough, south to Annie, east to the intersection of Annie and Gillespie. Extend a line east to the intersection of Broadway and Burr Rd, east along Burr Rd. to a line between Hathaway and Dover Rd, south along this line to Austin Rd, west to the Fort Sam Houston boundary, extend a line north back to Burr Rd. west to the boundary between the San Antonio Country Club and Fort Sam Houston, south on this boundary line until it intersects with Austin Rd, west on Austin Rd. to Eleanor, west to the Fort Sam Houston boundary, south to Brackenridge, west to Broadway, south to Post, east to Pine, south to Army, east to the Fort Sam Houston boundary, south to continuation of Pine, south to Cunningham, west to Alamo, south and extend to Nika, east to Pine, south to Grayson, east to New Braunfels, east on Carson to Frank, north to Hood, east to Ervin, south to Bee, east to Coleman, east to Norfleet, south around Norfleet to Carson, east to Hines, south to IH 35, east to Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad tracks, northeast to an imaginary extension of Milling, Corner Parkway, and Snell Dr, east along this imaginary line to Ackerman Rd, south to Bicentennial Dr, east and extend to Foster, south and extend to Rigsby, west to Rosillo Creek, south following the creek to Sinclair, west to W.W. White, north to the continuation of Sinclair, west to Roland, northwest along Roland to Salado Creek, south along the creek and extend to Utopia, west along Utopia to the intersection of Utopia and Enfield. Extend a line south to the intersection of Perimeter Rd. and Siluria St, south through Siluria St./Southton Rd. to Shane Rd, west and extend to the San Antonio River (branch on westside of railroad), northwest following the river (go on left branch around Symphony Ln. and back to main river line) and extend west to the intersection of Serria and Octavia, west along Octavia, Tommins and Unity Ct. and extend to the intersection of Collinsworth and Britton Ave, west and extend to Surrey Ave, west to Nogalitos, south to Culberson, west the Union Pacific Railroad, west along railroad to Cupples Rd, north to Old Castroville Rd, northeast to 25th, and extend north along 25th to Culebra, west on to Pettus, continue west to Watkins, extend a line northeast to intersection of Bandera and Hillcrest, continue northeast on Hillcrest to Willowbrook, northwest to Horizon, north and extend to corner of Piedras, northwest on Piedras to Centerview, west to Callaghan Rd, and northeast to end back at Fredericksburg Rd.


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