Details for Burbank High School

Name:Burbank High School

Boundary Written Description 

Beginning at the intersection of Barclay and US 90, start east on US 90 to Zarzamora, north to Ceralvo, east to Missouri Pacific Railroad, northeast to Brazos, south to Pendleton, east and extend to the San Pedro Creek, southeast along the creek and extend to the intersection of Carle Ave. and Park Row, north on Park Row to Oeklers, west to Dowdy, north to Bank, east to Probandt, south to US 90, east to the San Antonio River, south along the river and extend west to the intersection of Serria and Octavia, west along Octavia, Tommins and Unity Ct. and extend to the intersection of Collinsworth and Britton Ave., west on Britton Ave. and extend to Surrey Ave., west to Nogalitos, south to Culberson, west to a point between Tayman and 4th, north and extend along Village and Barclay, and north on Barclay to end back at US 90.

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