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Why was my Work Request returned without the work being done?

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Good stewardship of District resources requires us to establish priorities for what work is the most critical needing to be done and to use our authorized budget to address those priorities before we consider other Requests.

Our highest priority work involves such areas as immediate health and safety/security needs, Code compliance, mandatory inspections, preventive maintenance of major systems – heating, AC, plumbing, electrical, roofing and drainage, and energy conservation activities.

We also have special projects. For example, if you submit a Work Request to the Mill Shop to have a new cabinet made using your funds, the Request might still may be returned to you as Voided. The Mill Shop may be involved in making new windows, repairing science tables etc – projects that support the overall maintenance of a building or directly benefit students. While your Request has value, the Mill Shop must focus on established priorities. You should feel free to resubmit your Request for consideration in several months when work load may have diminished.

Other reasons a Work Request may be declined include the following: the work is cost-prohibitive, technically not feasible, not in compliance with Building Codes, the building's systems are operating at full capacity already, there is no funding available, the Request has not been received in a timely manner (and our personnel already have been assigned other work), the Request would require extensive Plant Services support and more communication/coordination is necessary to determine if it should become a major project, the Request is inconsistent with plans for the facility.