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How do I get rid of Fixed Assets inventory items that my school no longer needs?

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  1. Complete Fixed Asset transfer form(s) and FAX a copy to the Plant Services warehouse (227-9099). Note. If the Surplus Property is computer/related equipment, the Technology Department must approve the transfer. See District Administrative Procedure C- 36 for additional information and form.
  2. Submit an Electronic Work Request to Plant Services to have the Surplus Property picked up.
  3. Plant Services will contact you to schedule pick up of the items listed on the Fixed Asset transfer form(s).
  4. The Plant Services driver will sign the transfer form certifying he has received the Surplus Property. The driver will deliver it to the Boys Club (near Page M.S.) where it will be disposed of through District-approved process.

For additional explanation, please see District Administrative Procedure C-21, “Inventory Control of Fixed Assets.”