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Unallowable Expenditure Chart for Title 1, Part A; Title 1, Part C; state Compensatory; and School Improvement PDF Print

Unallowable Use of Funds Furniture/Equipment
Unallowable Use of Funds Snacks/Refreshements
Unallowable Use of Funds
Unallowable Use of Funds
Unallowable Use of Funds
General Government Expenses
Alcoholic Beverages
Choir or band costs, mariachi supplies
Award/commencement/convocation Ceremonies
Facial Tissues (Kleenex)
Filing Cabinets, Flag Poles
"Field Day" Supplies/Snacks
Any UIL Activities
Registration Packets/Referrals
(Nurse, AGR cards discipline, detention) Report card mail outs
Multi-Purpose Wipes
 Flat Screens for Principals & Administrators
Costs for "playoff" state games
Charitable Contributions & Donations
Flags, banners, bicycles, skates
Hand Sanitizer/Bacterial Soap/dish soap/air fresheners/disinfectant sprays
Furniture and Supplies for the Clinic, Raptor Security Systems, Raptor Supplies
Meals for Principals/Teachers
Refreshments for teacher pullouts
Clowns, balloons, mylar balloons, moon bounces
Employee Service Awards
PTA Awards
Entertainment &/or gifts for School Board Members
Gifts or items that appear  to be gifts
Business cards/business card books
Furniture or Appliances for Teacher's Lounge, Principal's Office
All full meals
Staff Development for Administrator Staff's Certification Requirements
Entertainment/Social Activities
Moonwalks for Entertainment
Floral Arrangements/Plants
Attendance incentives
iPods, MP3, yearbooks, CD players
Surge protectors, Hubs, supplies for Raptor equipment
Laminating Machines/Paper Shredders
Snacks/food items from 164
Drug Testing/Treatments
Fines, Penalties, Damages, and other Settlements
Duplicating/Copy Paper-Limit 10 per semester
Lawn Equipment
School Marquee
State Testing Snacks
Tours or Sight Seeing Tours
Field Trips on last week of school
Outdoor/Indoor Paint
Logo Imprinted Door Mats
Chocolate candy, pickles, Sodas, Tamales, hot dogs
Academic/UIL Expenses
Gratuities or Tips/Memorabilia/Souvenirs
Door Wreaths
Field day supplies
Mail Boxes/Walkie Talkies
Hand Held Radios
Cheese sauce for nachos
PE & Athletic Expenses
Transportation Costs for Athletics
Student handbooks, PK roundup, Meet the teacher materials
Hall Passes
Clinic supplies
Score Board for the Gymnasium/PE Equipment
Electrical wiring to a building/PA systems
Snack items allowed as per Administrative Procedures form C38, exhibit A and exhibit C
Feeding/Breeding Drug Dogs
Any promotional items/Monogrammed Shirts & Canvas bags T-Shirts, Caps, tote Bags/banners
Student/teacher ID cost/Name Tags/lanyards/Badge holders, badge clips, wrist coil/key rings
PTA refreshments/snacks
PTA Fees
PTA awards, ceremonies, meetings
PTA supplies

 The Federal Programs Department reserves the right to define/interpret reasonable and necessary within the general guidelines and other federal guidelines.  For more details on allowable expenditures, click on the following link OMB_Circular_A87 .

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