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SAISD Private Non-Public Schools Program




The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, provides benefits to private school students, teachers and other education personnel, including those in religiously affiliated schools.




Participating Private Non-Profit (PNP) Schools



Title I Part A only (schools located outside of the San Antonio ISD attendance boundaries with students who reside within SAISD boundaries):
Holy Cross Catholic School, Mt. Sacred Heart Catholic School, St. Gregory Catholic School, St. John Berchman's Catholic School,
St. John Bosco Catholic School, and St. Thomas More Catholic School

 I=participation in Title I Part A



II=participation in Title II Part A



III=participation in Title III Part A



I&II=participation in both Title I and II Part A










Contact Information  







 Private Non-Public School Forms



Professional Learning Statement-8-13-15





  Professional Learning Statement Guidance from Handbook-8-15-13





Professional Learning Opportunity Proposal Guidance from Handbook-8-15-13





 Professional Learning Opportunity Proposal (PLOP)-8-15-13




 PNP Comprehensive Needs Assessment




 Professional Learning Agreement


Title II Part A Program Development Plan-8-15-13


PNP Professional Learning Lesson Plan


PNP Travel Reimbursement Worksheet




PNP Travel Guidelines-8-15-13







Faith-based Conferences Guidelines






Title II Part A-Handbook-Private Non-Profit Schools




 W-9 form
















PNP Notices, Letters, and Presentations




 Quarterly Consultation Meeting-8-29-13  








  Meeting Sign-in Sheet





  Consultation Plan






  References & Resources to Federal Guidelines







Title II Part A Non-Regulatory Guidance-2006




Title IX-Equitable Services for Private Non-Profit Schools




Office of Non-Public Education (ONPE) 




PNP Calendar


May 2013

May 2nd-3:00 pm-Quarterly Consultation Meeting-Landa Library

May 20th-31st-Individual Consultation Meetings-Comprehensive Needs Assessment/Continuous Improvement Plan due


August 2013

August 29th-2:30 pm Quarterly Consulation Meeting-San Antonio Area Foundation


September 2013

Sept. 16th-19th –Individual PNP consultation meetings

Sept. 30th-End of 2012-2013 NCLB grant period


October 2013

October 12th-Deadline to submit Professional Learning Opportunity Proposal


November 2013

November 7th -2:30 pm–Quarterly PNP Consultation Meeting

November 11th-15th-Individual PNP consultation meetings


January 2014

January 6th-Deadline for submission of Professional Learning Opportunity Proposal


February 2014

February 6th-2:30 pm-Quarterly PNP Consultation Meeting

February 18th-21st-Individual consultation meetings


April 2014

April 28th-Deadline for Professional Learning Opportunity Proposal (PLOP) for

summer professional learning


May 2014

May 1st-2:30 pm-Quarterly PNP Consultation Meeting

May 27th-30th-Individual PNP consultation meetings-CNA/CIP due

May 30-Last day to submit documentation for online requisition


June 2014

June 10-Last day for purchase requisition approval

June 30th-NCLB Consolidated Application-2014-2015 due


July 2014

July 1st-Start of 2014-2015 NCLB grant period

July 10-Last day for final PO approval


August 2014

Aug. 8-Last day to submit for payment out of 2013-2014 budget

September 2014

Sept. 30-end of grant year 2013-14






















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