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STAGE 1:  Form the Planning Team  
 STAGE 2:  Conduct the Comprehensive Needs Assessment


• Campus CNA Handbook

• Campus 2015-2016 CNA Document

Campus CNA Training

Campus School-Wide Component 1 in CIP


STAGE 3:  Develop/Revise the Improvement Plan

• Plan4Learning

STAGE 4: Link The Plan to Federal, State, and Local Funding Source


• Campus ESSA Grant Packet and Schedules *Currently being updated for 2017-2018 ESSA

• Campus ESSA Grant Packet Training *Currently being updated for 2017-2018 ESSA

Plan4Learning Title I, Part A Budget Resource Guide


STAGE 5:  Implement the Improvement Plan
STAGE 6: Formative & Summative Measures to Evaluate the Plan

• 2015-2016 Program Evaluation Document 

Program Evaluation Training


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