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San Antonio Independent School District offers FREE breakfast to Elementary, Middle and High School students regardless of family income. The Universal Free Breakfast Program helps to make sure all of our students start the day alert, well fed and ready to learn.

SAISD offers the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) program which provides a healthy complete breakfast to every student. Breakfasts are delivered to the students classrooms where they can be eaten before the school day begins.  To learn more about the Breakfast in the Classroom Program, click here.

Our healthy school breakfast is available every morning and includes:

  • Non-Fat and Reduced Fat Milk
  • Fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice
  • Whole Grain cereals and breads
  • Entrée items like Whole Grain Pancakes and Whole Grain French Toast

Research indicates that students who have school breakfast:

  • Eat more fruit, drink more milk and consume a wider variety of foods than those who don’t eat breakfast or have breakfast at home
  • Increase their math and reading scores as well as their speed and memory in cognitive tests
  • Perform better on standardized test
  • Focus and behave better in school

We encourage students to start their day with a healthy breakfast we provide!

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