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Who is eligible to take the GED Tests?

  • You may take the GED tests if
  • You are not enrolled in high school, and
  • You have not graduated from high school, and
  • You are at least age 18, and
  • Sixteen and seventeen year olds may also test if state  requirements regarding age, residency, and the length of time since leaving school requirements are met.
  • Texas state ID, Passport, or military ID, is required at every test session.

How much does it cost to take the GED Tests?

  • The cost for taking the GED tests at the SAISD Testing Center is $90.00.  We only accept cash or money orders.

How much time does it take to complete the GED Tests?

  • At the SAISD GED Testing Center it takes 3 days to complete the five tests.  

When do I receive my scores?

  • Tests are mailed to the UT Scoring Center in Austin for scoring.  You will receive your scores in the mail within 3 weeks.  If you pass you will receive an official GED certificate along with your scores.

What does it mean to “pass” the GED Tests?

  • In order to pass the GED test, an examinee must have a total passing score of 2250; in addition, each individual subject area must have a score 410 or greater. 

 How can I get a copy of my GED scores?

  • All Texas GED Records are located at the Austin GED Unit. You can order a transcript on-line:  www.texged.com.  You or your employer can also print a free verification on that same webpage.

What is required for retesting.

  • An Examinee can retake a test only 3 times per calendar year.  The retest fee is $15.00 per test.