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Tuesday, 18 November 2008 14:42

What is the first step in the grant process?

Answer: You need to fill out the Grant Proposal Summary form. After you complete all of the sections, you will need to have an administrator sign it. Then you need to send it to our office by Pony or by fax at 226-6373.


Can I email the Grant Proposal Summary form?
Answer: The Grant Proposal Summary form needs to have a signature on it. Therefore, a hard copy needs to be sent to our office.


How do I find out about Grant Opportunities?
Answer: We update the Grant Opportunities the first week of every month. You can visit our site to find new opportunities. You can also submit a Grant Proposal Summary form which will help us to locate possible funding sources that will meet the need of your project that you want funded. 

What is the Grants Council?

Answer: The Grants Council is responsible for ensuring that all formula, competitive, and partnership grant opportunities pursued by the District are aligned with the mission and goals of the District. Council members represent Curriculum & Instruction, Human Resources, Financial Services, District Initiatives, Federal Programs, Technology & Management Information Systems, Professional Learning, Research and Evaluation, and those departments necessary to assist with the review and approval process of the Grants Council. The Grants Council only reviews grants over $50,000.


How do I find a sample of a Letter of Intent?

Answer: The following link from the Foundation Center's website provides a good example of a Letter of Intent. http://www.npguides.org/guide/inquiry_letter.htm

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