FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Benefits Frequently Asked Questions
Insurance and Employee Benefits 

What is the contact information for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas?
1000 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78701-9758
What is the phone number to file a claim with the Disability Insurance plan officed by The Standard Insurance Company?
What is the website address to the Benefit Harbor website?
What is the User ID for the Benefit Harbor website?
User ID: Social Security number and the number 304.
Example: 123456789304
Password: "saisd" unless changed during Annual Open Enrollment
What is the phone number to SAISD's third party administrator for 403(b) retirement plans and salary reduction agreements?
JEM Resource Partners 1-800-943-3179
What are the phone numbers for UnitedHealthcare (UHC)?
Onsite Account Manager: Carlos Medarno 210-554-8674
Onsite Wellness Coordinator:  Karen Ochoa 210-554-8676
UHC Health Plans: 1-888-270-3313
UHC Dental Plan: 1-888-270-3313
Pharmacy Home Delivery: 1-800-788-7863
Care24 Services: 1-800-828-1120
Visit UnitedHealthcare's website at: www.myuhc.com
What are our group numbers for UHC?
UHC Health: 902489
UHC Dental: 902489
Whare is Care24 Services?
Sometimes you need help and guidance with life situations, relationships, work, money, legal, family and every day issues, Care24 is there for the employee and thier family any day, any time. SAISD provides the Care24 at no cost to the employee and their eligible dependents.
How do I make a change on my insurance?
Call SAISD Employee Benefits, Risk Management & Safety office at 210-554-8660 to discuss type of change and reason for change.
How do I get a new ID card from UHC?
You may contact Carlos Medrano, UHC Onsite Account Manager at 554-8674 or you may call Customer Service:
UHC Health 1-888-270-3313
UHC Dental 1-888-270-3313
Which pharmacies can we use through UHC Health coverage?
HEB, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target and CVS
How do I change my address with the school district?
This can be done in writing to Human Resources.