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The Function of the Internal Audit Department


Our primary function is to assist management in forming cost-efficient decisions that will support the mission of the San Antonio Independent School District. We accomplish this by providing management with objective, independent appraisals of accounting, financial, and other operational system as a service to all levels of management. These appraisals help insure that the District is adequately protected, departments are operating efficiently and effectively, and SAISD is complying with applicable policies.


To help carry out our mission, we furnish you with analyses, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities reviewed. Examples of how we provide a service to management are:

Evaluate your operations for ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Help you comply with various District, State, and federal policies, and regulations.
  • Ensure that your department has the proper controls, or safeguards, in place to protect you, your employees, and the District.
  • Provide experience, technical knowledge, and advice regarding systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Conduct investigations when some financial concern or irregularity exists.

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