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The resources listed here are to support you with lesson planning, lesson design, curriculum ties, technology integration and most importantly, how to collaborate with the library media specialist to be successful with your  teaching and student learning.


How to Use the Library Resources

The ALEXANDRIA Researcher is located on the student computers in the library and may also be installed on computers in the classroom. This software allows students and classroom teachers to check availability of resources within your campus library.


Ask your campus library media specialist for a quick orientation to familiarize yourself and your students with using this online connection and learn how to locate items within the library. You can also request that your library media specialist install the Researcher on your classroom computers so that students, or you, can search for library books from the classroom. This would save time when your class is planning to make a library visit, or if you are sending small groups at a time to check out books.


In the near future (hopefully after the Thanksgiving break (2013)), teachers and studentss will be able to search other SAISD Library Online Catalogs. Campus Library Media Specialists will have the URL to access these catalogs within the first few days of the last week in November.


Using the District-Purchased Online Resources (Curriculum Ties and Technology Integration)

Through the Library Media Services Dept., the SAISD spends just over $55,000 in online resources that support the curriculum and provides you, the classroom teacher, with a wide variety of supplemental information for resesarch, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, fine arts, Texas history, physical education and much more. There is also a variety of formats of information from text, websites, images, interactive activities, languages, translations and so much more. Your campus library media specialist would be able to assist you in using the resources that you can locate under Resource Market Central. Although the Resource Market Central site lists the summaries and URLs for each resource or database as some people refer to them, here are some examples of how you can use each one with the core content for a variety of grade levels.


Discovery Education: http://www.discoveryeducation.com

ES - 4th Grade - Texas History

In studying about American expansion, Discovery Educaiton has a video, The Gulf Coastal Plains and the History of Texas , which discusses the changes within Texas as the State underwent political and commercial changes. After you log into Discovery Education, search for "Texas history" then narrow your results to 3rd - 5th grades and then click on the video with the name above. Review it and determine if it fits with your teaching and learning objectives. If so, then download the 5-minute segment or the entire 14-minute video as you feel it applies.



MS - 8th Grade -



Britannica Online SPANISH: http://spanish.eb.com

ES - 5th Grade - Science (SPAN)

Britannica Online offers in the Spanish section of the encyclopedia, science videos to support the curriculum. Should you need to help your Spanish-speakers, then this is a great place of limited content for the more important concepts. Once you log on to the Spanish Brittanica, select Escolar Online. From there click on the video camera, or Videoteca and you will come to 14 videos to support elementary science concepts.


Facts On File

HS - 11th Grade - Math

Facts On File offers a wide database of basic and advanced information in Science Online regarding Mathematics from definitions to diagrams to videos that you as a teacher can refer students to view and study.


World Book OnLine

MS - 7th Grade (Differentiated Instruction) - Reading