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200 Hour Club Library Media Specialist Information

For those librarians needing to collect a minimum of 40 professional development hours per school year to meet the five-year renewal requirements, please review the following information:

SBEC Requirements - Call (888) 863-5880 toll free if you have any questions.
Please note the possible opportunities and also realize that you don't have to have a certificate. Below are tracking charts which you can use to fullfil the necessary requirements.

Texas Education Code 21.451(b)

Tracking Records (courtesy of Christi Clancy, former SAISD LMS, Rogers ES)
Because these forms are in Word, you may save and revise them, or personalize them, as you wish:
Area 1: Content Area Development (no limit)
Area 2: Professional Development (no limit)
Area 3: Independent Study (30 hr. limit)
Area 4: Teaching or Presenting CPEs (15 hr. limit)
Area 5: Mentor Educator (45 hr. limit)
Area 6: Serving as an Assessor (15 hour limit)

SAISD, A Registered CPE Provider:

From an email posted to the TLC Listserv by Gail Combs on 4/16/2007:
1. You will receive a notice from SBEC about 6 months prior to the deadline for your renewal.
2. You can renew six months before the deadline if you have completed your 200 hours of CPE hours.
3.  When it is time to renew, go to the SBEC website:
http://www.sbec.state.tx.us .
4.  At the top of the page click on "SBEC Online for Educators", create a login.
5. Once logged-in, choose 'Applications>Renew a Standard Certificate' on the left side of the screen, click on 'Apply to Renew a Certificate'.
6. Have your credit card handy ($20.00 fee for renewal) & follow the instructions!
7.  SBEC offers a form to download to keep track of your CPE hours.  You do not send this form in, though.
8.  Information is available at:
9.  Here is more information about specific CPE hours from the “200 Hour Club”: http://lms.saisd.net/web/200HrClub/index.htm