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Curriculum Integration

Internet Driver's Permit
Curriculum Technology Integration
The Texas Heritage Digitization Initiative <http://www.thdi.org/>  is a Federated Search Engine for
§         the Portal to Texas History <http://texashistory.unt.edu/> ,
§         Texas Tides, Texas Digital Library <http://www.tdl.org/>,
§         Museum of Houston <http://www.museumofhouston.org/>, and
§         other sites containing primary sources, old pictures, artifacts, documents, and Lesson Plans.
Facilitating Comprehension Across the Curriculum
Classroom Practice Think-Aloud Tally Sheet
Think-Aloud Tally Sheets (2 per page)
Think-Aloud Statements List
Inspiration Concept Map
Concept Map in Word
KWL Chart
Barry Bishop, TLA '03 Tables in Draft of Library Standards NEW!
Table 1: TAKS Objectives and the Related TEKS Student Expectations

Table 2: Number/Percentage of TAKS Objectives Influenced by the Library Program by Curriculum Area

Table 3: Number/Percentage of TAKS Objectives Influenced by the Library Program by Grade Level
Traveling Trunks
Texas Tech offers various subjects / trunks: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/museumttu/traveltrunk.html
Texas History:
Day of the Dead:
Collin County Historical Society:
Cowgirl Hall of Fame:
ESC 17: http://www.esc17.net/default.aspx?name=ci.sciresources
LBJ Museum: http://www.nps.gov/lyjo/EdOutreach.htm
Houston Heritage Society: http://www.heritagesociety.org/internship.htm
Texas Forest Service:
Texas History Museums Web Guide: http://www.wildtexas.com/guide/index.php?t=sub_pages&cat=920