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Library Media Services

406 Barrera, Room 8
San Antonio, Texas  78210

Phone: (210) 554-2530

Forms PDF Print
Inventory Forms - SAISD Public School Libraries (Excel document) REVISED 04/07/2008
NON-PUBLIC Schools Inventory Forms 2007-2008 (Excel document) REVISED 04/02/2008
Inventory Weeding/Repair Slips
Alexandria Inventory Report Directions (TEXT ONLY) REVISED 05/15/2008

End-Of-Year Procedures and Checklists
EOY Checklist REVISED 05/13/2008
Leaving Campus Checklist
Collection Analysis Import
Pacing Guide for Library Inventory

Library Management
Library Schedule Form
Strategic Planning Instruments
What You Need to Create Your Strategic Plan
SAMPLE of a Strategic Plan REVISED!
Strategic Planning Form (Submit to LMS Office annually.)
Three-Year Strategic Planner (OPTIONAL)