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Big6 Information & Technology Skills for Student Achievement 

Better known as the Big6, this process standardizes six steps in completing any type of assignment, resolving an type of problem/issue, or just thinking through how to get from beginning to end. In addition, learning these six steps allows students to develop a process of thinking and questioning that will follow them through adulthood. While it is not the only process that can be used, for there are many others, the SAISD library media specialists are confident that this particular method is structured yet flexible enough to address all types of thinkers and do-ers in our students.

In addition, the six steps have been broken down to The Super 3 for those needing less structure or a straightforward manner of thinking. This support of research in the classroom, the ELAR TEKS, and preparation for college or university level coursework is only a beginning to the multitude of ideas that will help students become independent and lifelong thinkers.

SAISD library media specialists will provide teachers and students with support in the classroom and the library to become well-versed in this process for completing any assignment from beginning to end.