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QWho are the Satellite Campuses and how many are there?

A:  The Satellite Campuses are comprised of seven campuses which include Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center, Healy Murphy Learning Center, Healy Murphy Early Childhood, Seton Home, St. Peter-St. Joseph Children's Home, and Youth Alternative-The Bridge.

Q:  Where are the Satellite Campuses located?

A:  While none of the campuses are located on SAISD property, they are  throughout the city of San Antonio.

Q:  Are the teachers and instructional assistants  SAISD employees?

A:  Yes, all teachers and instructional assistants are employees of SAISD.

Q:  What grade level are serviced at the Satellite Campuses?

A:  Depending on the location the grade levels may vary from grade Pre-Kg thru 12.

Q:  Who is responsible for the education of my child at a Satellite Campus?

A:  The District shares the responsibility of educating assigned students at Satellite Campus.

Q:  How can I get grades for my child if they attended a Satellite Campus?

A:  All documentation can be requested from the office of Satellite Campuses either by phone or fax.  Grades given are accumulated during their tenure at the facility.  For more information contact Linda McDonald at (210) 224-2582.



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