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What is the PEP Grant?

The purpose of the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant is to provide funds to local educational agencies and community-based organizations to expand and improve physical education programs.

The PEP grant funds are being used to design initiatives rich in lifelong fitness activites as well as providing opportunities for professional development.

Initiatives that have been developed:

ESCAPE - (Every Step Counts at Physical Education), also referred to as 25 Alive, is an student initiative to implement a physical education curriculum rich in lifelong fitness activities and aligns with national and state standards.  Instruction and assessment strategies will be provided to assist students understand, improve and /or maintain their physical well-being. 

Extreme Nutrition - curriculum provided by the SAISD Food and Nutrition Services through Physcial Education classes.  Committed to teaching students about nutrition, our role in this program is to provide students with a "hands on approach" curriculum that increases awareness, knowledge and activites that educate students on the importance of taking care of their bodies in the prevention of obesity and chronic disease. 

Bienestar Counts 1,2,3! - is designed to: 1) increase the number of students who are physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, 2) reduce the number of students watching 2 or more hours of television a day and 3) increase the number of students drinking 1% or less fat milk.  Students receive a journal to monitor progress.  Parents/guardians and teachers may acknowledge the daily progress of the student in the three areas. 

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