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  Escape - Every Step Counts at Physical Education  (“25 Alive")

A student initiative to expand the physical education curriculum to be rich in lifelong fitness activities as well as providing assessment strategies to assist students in understanding, improving and/or maintaining their physical well-being.  Students will use Rocky Mountain Digi-Walker pedometers to keep track of their total number of steps in a day.   The use of the pedometers promotes more physical activity by motivating the student to see how many steps they can accumulate and learn that every step counts at physcial education.

The goal for 25 Alive is for students to be physically active while maintaining a target heart rate between 130 to 185 beats per minute for 25 minutes.  Polar Heart Rate Monitors will be used to motivate students' interest in participation and to collect data that can be used to assess their physical activity during physical education classes.   

Students are provided with personal wellness journals to use in developing and maintaining personal physical fitness and nutritional goals. Students will use the personal journals to record physical activity, pulse, calories, caloric intake, etc.

Equipment provided through the grant funds are being used to promote the following lifetime fitness activities:
        Table Tennis
        Weight Training
        Step Aerobics

Equipment used for Monitoring and Assessing student physcial activity:
        Heart Rate Monitors – (target heart rate 130 – 185 bpm) 
        Rocky Mountain Digi-Walker Pedometers
        Pulse Bars
        Fitness-gram Pacer Test (each 9 weeks)
        BMI (Body Mass Index)

Professional Development will include:
·         Curriculum focusing more on lifelong fitness instead of competitive-based
          fitness activities
 ·        Strategies using PEP Grant equipment to motivate students to be more
          physically active in class
 ·        Training on use of Heart Rate Monitors and Fitness-gram 8.0 and 
          Rocky Mountain Digi-Walkers in class
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