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Bienestar (Wellness) Counts

Bienestar (Wellness) Counts 1,2,3! is a district-wide PEP grant program initiative designed to:
1)      increase the number of students who are physically active for at
         least 60 minutes a day

2)      reduce the number of students watching 2 or more hours of
         television a day

3)      increase the number of students drinking 1% or less fat milk 

Students will receive a 3 week journal to monitor their progress.

This initiative will begin September with the distribution of journals to students in Physical Education classes.  On May, students are asked to return the journals to the Physical Education teacher.
Each day is signified by a symbol.  When the student is physically active for a minimum of 60 minutes daily and has chosen an alternate activity rather than watching television, have the parent/guardian or teacher initials the appropriate half of the symbol on the student’s journal for each day.

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